A New Adventure

Over the past year, I’ve really discovered the power of social media and web2.0 technologies to impact social change and corporate culture.  With the advent and mainstream adoption of twitter, to ever-evolving widgets and technologies, we are truly seeing a massive shift in our culture and how businesses, non-profits, and ordinany people operate day-to-day to share information and represent ourselves in society.

Looking back at my own social media history, I’ve come to realize that I truly am one of those geeks that hop onto new opportunities, tinker around for a bit, and then likely move on when something new and shiny attracts my attention.  This can definitely be said of the twitter.


I pulled the above graph from Tweetstats, a really interesting tool that analyzes your twitter activity and breaks it down in any way you’d like it to.  So there I was in 2007, much earlier than most, tweeting away, albeit mostly about American Idol and what I was eating for breakfast ( From April 1, 2007:  Watching “American Idol Rewind”—-1) yes, I AM that gay, and 2) Kelly Clarkson is a GODESS. HA!) I have a couple tweets in 2008, and then in 2009 my tweets really took off, at the same time I purchased an iPhone and twitter went mainstream.  In 2007 I found it interesting to share with the world my thoughts on American Idol, but really didn’t gain much from the twitter-experience.  By 2009, I was utilizing hastags, filtering users in groups with tweetdeck, and retweeting really interesting links across the world to my friends and followers.

Basically– I was able to discover the amazing utility in twitter, and now it’s become a daily part of my life.

This is just one very personal example of how I am utilizing new technologies to improve my own worldview, share information, and hopefully at the same time build my own personal brand among my followers. Non-profits, corporations, and campaigns are all following this model to develop their own strategies and really doing amazing things.

I’ve started this blog for many reasons, but the first is to really highlight interesting and successful case examples of how individuals, businesses, campaigns, and non-profits are utilizing social media and online technologies to further their own goals and really break ground.  My background is in community organizing, and boy have things changed from even when I began my career just nine years ago.  I hope to use this blog to draw attention to some amazing things others are doing on the interwebs, and hopefully serve as a place where others can draw ideas and inspiration from.

I am by no means a tech guru, and this is only my second attempt at blogging– but hopefully I will be able to bring something worthwhile to the table and really make the connections between organizing and the potential of new media to impact the work each one of us to day to day.  With that, please feel free to contact me in the medium of your choice, and enjoy the ride with me.


6 responses to “A New Adventure

    • Thanks George 🙂 I really need and want an outlet to work on my writing skills, and I figured I spend so much time reading and researching new media, and trying to engage it in my own work, that this would be the perfect topic to try and explore. Thanks for your support. 🙂

  1. Jake:
    Doing some research, and I was surprised to run across your blog. I was not surprised that your commentary is insightful, well articulated, and helpful, even to those of us who are supposed to be gurus. I just love you. Keep doing what you are doing.

  2. Thanks, Marcus 🙂 You know as much as anyone else I am most definitely no tech guru– I’m hoping that by building this and then eventually moving it to wordpress.org or some other platform I will learn the skills I don’t yet have. Everything’s a project. Thanks for the comment, I hope you’ve been well! (it’s been too long since we’ve talked!)

    • Try it at a different time of day. The first time I went there it worked beautifully. Then another day I went back and was queued up with like 500 others and it never worked. I went back that night and it worked instantly.

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