This weekend The New York Times tried dutifully to explain twitter hashtags to a non-twitter audience, something that, so far as I can tell from my own facebook friends, can be quite hard to do.

But in their illustrious article, one paragraph stood out to me:

Twitter users increasingly follow hashtags as attentively as they do single-author Twitter feeds. As a subject crests in the popular imagination, certain hashtags become affixed to the story — or to a way of seeing the story. You tend to be loyal to your hashtags, at least for a few days, and track them wherever they go. Hashtags are maybe like those color-coded back-pocket bandannas that gay men began using in the ’70s to show that they were into this or that kind of sex. Only way dorkier and not sexy.


And, for those who have NO idea what the hanky code is, see here, here and here. All, potentially, NSFW.


2 responses to “Best..Comparison..Ever..

  1. LOVE IT! TweetDeck has made my life so much easier. I follow 4-6 hashtags at any given time. I love my hankies more thought…. 🙂

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