Getting Social- 08.10.09

The social web is all a-twitter (ha… get it?) over Facebook’s acquisition of FriendFeed and the launch of Google Search 2.0.  What’s been happening across the social web today?

  1. The military utilizes twitter and other social sites to track public opinion and reaction to high-profile events. (AP)
  2. NBC launches a pilot to a potentially exciting- LOVE Joel McHale– sitcom through its facebook fan page. (Mashable)
  3. The White House launches a new website to debunk misinformation on their proposed health care reform bill. (WH)

And, in what seemed like a constant flurry of news relating to search features across several networks:

  1. Google prepares to launch an upgrade to their search (Mashable),
  2. Facebook launches real-time search (Facebook Blog), and
  3. Facebook acquires FriendFeed (TechCrunch).

What a crazy, busy day, with major implications for all these networks involved, and more importantly, how we acquire and use information and search functions on the web. I’m pulling together my own thoughts about how this impacts how we are making and breaking, as well as consuming, news.

What’d I miss?


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