Agreeing with House Republicans- Are Liberals falling behind with Social Media?

Wow. Less than a month into launching this blog and I’m already going to agree with Republican members of the House of Representatives?

Mashable just posted an interesting article re-capping a meeting of the Congressional House Republican New Media Caucus with various players and companies in Silicon Valley.

It sounds like much of their meeting involved traditional Republican/conservative thought– the role of government in the corportate world, etc— but something caught my eye.

Benn Parr (@benparr) asked each of the Representatives how they feel social media has impacted politics and campaigns.  He received interesting, and I believe exactly-right, responses.  Ben writes, at Mashable:

Congressmen Wittman was the first to answer my question, and his answer boiled down to one word: immediacy. Simply put, he believes that social media has pushed the debate over major issues into real-time. Issues are immediate, responses are immediate, and the debate is immediate, as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs can spread a story at lightning-fast speeds. He said, however, that he believes it’s a good thing because it gives the people making decisions immediate feedback, which provides a better and more complete position when engaging in debate. Perhaps soon if congressmen want to gauge the opinions of their constituents, they’ll be tweeting instead of calling first.

Congressman Latta had a slightly different answer, which can also be summed up by one word: information. Specifically, Congressmen Latta believes that social media has placed a lot more information at the fingertips of citizens. In the past, a citizen might call about a rumor about a bill that he or she heard about from a friend. Now congressmen get calls from constituents asking about interpretations of specific sections of the bill. It has brought the debate much closer.

Finally, the three congressmen touched on how social media has revolutionized the way people contact their leaders. They days of mailing letters to congressmen are gone, simply because there are so many more effective ways to contact leaders and keep informed about the issues.

Exactly.  Amen.  Couldn’t have said it better.

These Congressmen seemed to really understand new social media and how to engage their constituents, and how constituents can engage with them.  This is the future.  I’m glad some of our elected leadership understand this.

Finally-  Is there a DEMOCTRATIC New Media Caucus?  I couldn’t find anything from a simle google search, and Wikipedia didn’t either.

That’s a real shame– and may be why many liberals believe conservatives have an upper hand on twitter.


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