#socialgood – Inspiring and Insightful Tweets on Social Good

I had the amazing opportunity yesterday to travel to NYC and attend Mashable’s first-ever Social Good educational event (livestream link), which capped their Summer of Social Good.  This was really my first “new media” conference and my first opportunity to meet and network with hundreds of people I admire and who inspire me every day through the social media sphere.

Throughout the day I took pages and pages of notes and thoughts, discovering new platforms and ideas for my own work, and sharing in the learning process with hundreds of others physically in the room and across the world.  Over the coming days I plan to reflect on these notes and discuss a lot of the presentations on this blog.

With such a wired and tapped-in audience focusing on the power of social media to do good and create change, it should be obvious that the tweets would be flying fast and furious.  At one point early in the morning, #socialgood became a trending topic, and thousands of tweets were shared on the content and ideas emerging from that room.

Before delving into my own notes and thoughts from the event, I think it’s important to reflect upon what others said, and twittered.  An archived copy from the #socialgood hashtag can be found here.

Looking through the stream of activity, I tried to find some of the more retweeted, and insightful, comments from the day.  I encourage you to take your own look through the stream, and hope that those thoughts pulled out by me can inspire you in your own work and social media voyage.

  • gracecunning –  @chadnorman @kanter I’d call Twitter the soil where the seeds of change (tweets) take root and spread #socialgood
  • jim_davison –  @drew launched twit campaign to get $1 each time someone #blamedrewscancer Companies wasted his time; PEOPLE donated #socialgood
  • digiday – @geoffliving makes a great point #socialgood – causes are about people. That’s what builds community around a cause.
  • annemai – @geoffliving reminding #socialgood attendees that it’s not about the cause; the shared passion. Social media is tool.
  • commish24 – @JeffElder RT @Philanthropy:  Does your organization ‘silo’ its social media efforts? Or is social media part of ur culture? #socialgood
  • tommyj – @kanter if you think you’re too small to make a difference you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito (shows huffington quote) #socialgood
  • brandlessons – @lancearmstrong posted a tweet asking folks N Dublin if they wanted 2 go 4 a ride… 1200 people showed up!  Great use of Twitter #socialgood
  • sandrasims – After an event (social media or offline) you must show the results. @charitywater did a good job of that @scottyhendo #socialgood
  • CauseGlobal – American crave engagement and are now ready to swarm for social service: Greenblatt #socialgood
  • a_vran –  Business model of @drewscancer is saying THANK YOU to those who care. Personal relationships and reciprocity can affect change! #socialgood
  • brandlessons – Collect and tell as many stories as you can and why you’re passionate about your cause – via @kanter #socialmedia
  • amyvernon – From a corporate/individual standpoint: We now have the ability to find out what YOU are doing to make a difference #socialmedia
  • CausesGlobal – The 3Rs to online $-raising: Relationships; Rewards (make donors feel special); Reciprocity (help others do well): Kanter #socialgood
  • NolandHoshino – What I learned from #socialgood. Truly believe in the cause or else you will fail. Be creative. Be passionate. Be yourself.
  • a_vran – What are you doing to make a difference? Philanthropy doesnt require an over sized check to make an impact. Thanks @scottyhendo #socialgood

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