We Live in the Cloud

Just a quick post— I couldn’t really express my thoughts in 140 characters 🙂

Today, as most everyone knows, gmail went down.  The internet broke.

And chaos ensued!  Mashable reports that 18 of the top 20 GOOGLE (ha!) searches were related to the outage.  Techcrunch reports that, within minutes, the outage became a trending topic on twitter, with thousands upon thousands of search results popping within minutes.  I know my own friends took to twitter and facebook with their outage outrage! Total FAIL.

We sometimes don’t realize how incredibly wired we are until we go without.  Millions of people rely solely on gmail and other web-based products for their livelihood.  Even just an hour of unannounced down-time has major real-world implications.

For anyone that ever doubted we are living in a very new world, today’s outage should be that wake up call.  We truly live and work in the cloud.

This also is another great time to think about backing up your account data.


2 responses to “We Live in the Cloud

  1. Do you know how many gay square dance related e-mails I had to answer that day? That Gmail crash was some total bullshit, I’ll tell you what.

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