Dust and Cobwebs

If this blog was a household object, it’d be covered by a heavy layer of dust right about now.  And maybe some cobwebs.

I haven’t written a post, updated the site, or even signed into wordpress in a very long time. Over the past several months my professional obligations reached new heights, with new responsibilities and projects opening doors and providing a lot of exciting new challenges.  I was busy, for sure, but happy.

But as my professional life was ramping up, my personal life suddenly, and painfully, quickly deteriorated.  In mid-January I was hospitalized for two weeks.  It was a very long two weeks, with barrels of disgusting hospital food, lots of poking and prodding in uncomfortable positions, and three surgeries/procedures.  I don’t really want to get into the weeds about my condition or what was done, but after finally getting the green light to leave the hospital for home I was left physically immobilized, in great pain, and completely reliant upon others.  And unfortunately, my recovery will leave me in this state for quite some time.

Which brings me back to this blog.  I’ve always seen this as a place for me to share ideas, practice my writing, and hopefully provide a unique viewpoint among the millions of others writing for their own reasons.  Upon leaving my full-time job on medical leave, I’m now left with a lot more time to develop these thoughts, and hopefully get them posted here.  I may not be able to walk, or sit up— but I still have a damn good mind.  And I plan to continue writing and sharing my thoughts through this entire process.


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