The Power of Relationship

I titled this post The Power of Relationship, but I could just have easily titled it Why I’ve Neglected my Writing and This Blog.  For over the past month and during the Christmas Holiday, I’ve spent my time and energies focused on family and friends and growing relationships with those in my life I’ve come to know and love– something that relates to both our lives online and obviously off, whether you’re a small business hoping to use social media to engage your customer base, a non-profit looking to motivate your volunteers, or an activist seeking to inspire the masses to your cause.

When push comes to shove, relationship matters above all else.  This is why brands spend thousands to build their presence on facebook and twitter, and this is why readers come back time after time to the same blogs and authors for their news.  This is why during the Holidays your feed reader seems to slow a bit, and this is why I’ve neglected writing the past several weeks.

As I prepare for yet another round of surgeries, and 2011 kicks into high gear, I’m committing myself to a re-focus of sorts– understanding these health procedures will keep me from traditional work for a while– and truly dedicating time and thought to sharing worthwhile content on this site.

So with this mental push I begin writing anew– reminded again of why social media works and why it’s important: understanding and respecting the power of relationship.


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