Welcome to my little corner of the web! I started this site as a way to share my thoughts and ideas on the intersection of community organizing and advocacy with new media and the social web to further the goals and ideas of individuals, non-profits, corporations, and organizations.

I’m an activist, organizer, lobbyist, and all-around rabble-rouser living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’ve managed and worked with dozens of local, state, and national campaigns, non-profit organizations, and small businesses on grassroots mobilization, marketing, strategic planning, and communications.

I spent my time in college off-campus working in the United States Congress on policy-related projects, and on-campus with The American University’s School of Public Affairs Leadership Program, now a multi-disciplinary 4-year study renowned for it’s experiential programming. Upon leaving college I delved head-first into building large-scale grassroots campaigns and field organizations to deliver the message of democratic candidates and campaigns.

It was with this knowledge and experience of grassroots mobilization and communications that I translated these efforts into non-profit and small business marketing, employing winning tactics and strategies across industry-specific lines. I enjoy and excel in empowering activists to succeed in creating change in their communities and across the country, as well as managing emerging leaders within organizations of all sizes and missions.

I value public service and volunteerism, and spend a great deal of time volunteering and working with regional HIV/AIDS service organizations, including ActionAIDS and MANNA, an organization dedicated to providing meals to those afflicted by HIV.  I serve on several boards, including the SpiralQ Puppet Theater, a community-based arts organization with roots in the ACT UP protests from the 1980s and 90s. I am a member of Christ Church Philadelphia, and active in their gay and lesbian and young adult fellowships.

I am an organizer, lobbyist, advocate, and rabble-rouser– all for ideas and goals that broaden basic fairness and equality for all people– with a deep interest in marrying decades old ideas of community organizing and grassroots mobilization with the power and energy of new social media.

I maintain profiles across the social web, on linkedin, twitter,  and facebook. The easiest way to find me is at my About Me profile.  If you’d like to e-mail me, you can do so at kaskeyjake@gmail.com.


What others have said….

“Jake is an innovative and motivating force. His ability to adapt his approach with activists, legislators, donors and clients is remarkable. He is sincere, diligent, and forward-thinking.” -Jesse White, Founder/Director of Pigeon Arts

“Jake is one of the best organizers I’ve ever seen. He manages to find a common bond with everyone — even those with polar opposite views — and get people of all types to work towards the great goal.” -Mike Fourcher, Co-Founder/Business Manager of Aldertrack, Inc

“Jake is comfortable working with individuals at all organizational levels – from volunteers all the way to Members of Congress and CEO level individuals.” -Gideon Blustein, Chief of Staff for Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson


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